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My First Few Days in Egypt

By July 11, 2016No Comments

Sunday, June 10th, 2016 was bound to be an extra special day for me.

Not only was it my daughter’s seventh birthday, it was also my first time visiting the world famous Pyramids of the Giza Plateau in Egypt, including the Great Pyramid, which is not only the oldest of the “Seven Wonders of the World,” it is also the only one that is still standing. By those measures, it is indeed the greatest, and most wondrous of them all.

The Giza Pyramids were readily visible from our hotel. They are bold and majestic. Strong and silent. A magnetic reminder of of glory days gone by.

And yet they seem to serve only as a backdrop for many of the area residents.

To many of them, the many great treasures and monuments of Egypt appear to be “just there.” An incidental reminder to them of a past with which they do not identify. But to the student of history, the Pyramids, or “Mir (Meer),” as they were known to the ancients, speak loudly and clearly.

Although I have read numerous books, listened to and watched numerous lectures and documentaries on Kemet and the Mir (pyramids), I can not overstate their impressiveness.

As we approached The Great Pyramid, I was immediately enveloped in a feeling of surrealness. I was finally actually there to touch it and feel its Ancient and palpable power. And I was going inside.

As I ascended the shaft to “the king’s chamber,” the feeling of being on a Sacred Pilgrimage that I felt leading up to this trip became real. I was in a Sacred space and was One with the builders and planners and priests and Forces that brought this splendid structure from pre-conception, to conception, to execution, to completion, to function.

When I reached the chamber, I was surprised by its relatively small size, particularly because it is inside an edifice so huge, that it is constructed with enough materials to make thirty Empire State Buildings.

And while the chamber (which many now believe to have actually been the nerve center for an observatory) is small, the power that it exudes is quite tangible.

I walked around. Prayed. Meditated. Reflected. I wanted to stay longer and just soak up as much of its energy as I could. I wondered what it would it be like to sleep there. Would I have a deep Spiritual experience? Would I be visited in dreams?

Nonetheless, I am grateful for the time I had available to me, and I will hold onto — and share it with willing ears — forever.

Again, to say that this structure, purportedly erected nearly 4,000 years ago is impressive can not be overstated.

2016-07-10 11.01.12 2016-07-10 08.41.58 2016-07-10 08.41.39There are literally not enough superlatives in the totality of all the languages of the world combined that can do justice to its impeccable design: 2.5 million blocks; weighing between two to 50 tons (modern equipment can’t lift over 10 tons) and are cut with such precision that they don’t need mortar; located nearly perfectly in the center of the world (only 5 degrees off). And it goes on. And honestly, so could I…