If your schedule does not allow you to take a public field trip, you could consider booking a private field trip for a medium-large sized group.

We offer field trips for private groups such as school classes (ages 12 & up), after-school programs, churches, student organizations, trade guilds, professional organizations, fraternities/sororities, family reunions, etc.

Price Structure

The price of a field trip depends on several factors: the size of your group, the date of the field trip, and whether or not your group provides its own bus transportation. You must pay a 50% non-refundable deposit to book a field trip.

Contact us to make a reservation.

For information on the cost of a Private Field Trip, please contact info@egyptonthepotomac.com or call 301-853-2465 to get a price quote.

Group Size


11-19 $500
20-55 $750