What is The Ivan Van Sertima Cultural Circle?

Cultural Circle

One of the first things you’ll learn in a self-study program is much of what you’ve been led to believe about the world is based on information that is incorrect, and or incomplete. This is especially true when the study involves information about people of African descent.

The Cultural Circles self-study program is for any person who is genuinely interested in learning how to construct an accurate picture of the world and how to claim their rightful place in it.

Unlike the ‘rugged individualism’ that prevails in most western cultures, ancient Africans understood that all beings were interrelated and interdependent. This philosophy is best expressed in the African proverb, ‘I am because you are and because you are, therefore I am.’


Organizational Structure

  1. Cultural Circle groups will consist of at least 7 but no more than 13 people.
  2. Groups will meet no less than once a month and no more than every other week.
  3. Each group will be administered by a three-person steering committee selected by the group.

The steering committee will consist of a Recorder, Archivist and a Moderator.

  • Recorder: takes minutes during each study session and at any steering committee meeting, reads the minutes from the previous session.
  • Archivist: keeps a journal in which the group’s history, activities programs, and documents are maintained.
  • Moderator: convenes all study sessions; reads the goals and objectives of Cultural Circles at each session; maintains balanced and focused interaction during book discussions.

Study sessions provide consistent opportunities to share insights, opinions, and perceptions about what you have read and/or researched. The group(s) also provides a safe place to seek answers to questions that may arise during your study.


The Ivan Van Sertima Cultural Circles is more than a book club or study Group. It is an action-oriented committee of Jegna (defenders of African culture) who agree to master the core principals of SBA (wisdom) teachings and the Ten Virtues. The primary goal of the Cultural Circles is to train a team of scholars in the general history of ancient Egypt (Kemet) with particular emphasis on the Four Golden Ages as outlined by Dr. Asa Hilliard. Upon successful completion of the Primary course of study (aka CC Boot Camp) the scholars will be eligible for training to become an ARP (Asa Restoration Project) Representative or an ARP SBA (Wisdom Teacher). Requirement for Membership in an Ivan Van Sertima Cultural Circle

  • Must sign a letter of commitment and agree to abide by all guidelines
  • Must be a member of the ASA Restoration Project 400 Club
  • Must successfully complete the Cultural Circle Boot Camp

Preliminary Curriculum

The material on the primary and supplemental reading lists include:

  • Brainwashed: Challenging The Myth of Black Inferiority by Tom Burrell
  • SBA: The Reawakening of the African Mind by Asa G. Hilliard
  • Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization by Tony Browder
  • Master Keys by Asa Hilliard and Listervelt Middleton