A Cultural Field Trip of Washington, D.C.


Egypt on the Potomac Field Trip Series

Discover secrets hidden in plain sight in Washington, DC!  All Ages Welcome.


2024 Schedule:

The Egypt on the Potomac will begin its 38th season on April 6, 2024. We will return to the Thurgood Marshall Center and our Regular Field Trips of DC on bus.

The new schedule is posted below.

The Egypt on the Potomac Field Trip is a guided journey through Washington, DC that uncovers secrets hidden in plain sight. Did you know there is information and wisdom embedded throughout the landscape of the city: in federal building architecture, street alignments, symbols on parks and buildings, and numerical patterns found within all of these elements, among others?

By examining this embedded information, and exploring aspects of Nile Valley  mythology, African American, American, and Washington DC history, the Field Trip illuminates the ancient Egyptian influence on the founding fathers of the United States of America, as well as their acknowledgement of the Nile Valley origins of civilization.

The Egypt on the Potomac Field Trip, is sponsored by IKG Cultural Resource Center and was created by author and cultural historian Anthony T. Browder. A facilitator guides participants to understand the story of DC’s history that has been hidden in plain sight.

Purchase your 2024 Field Trip tickets for the following dates:

April 6 * May 4 * June 1 * July 6 * August 3 * September 7 *
*. October 5 * November 2*

Note- All dates have a 10 am and 2 pm departure.



What You Will See

Nile Valley culture lives in the monuments of the District of Columbia. You will see evidence of ancient Egyptian architecture, symbolism and philosophy that has been embedded in various monuments throughout the city …literally hidden in plain sight. You will understand how the shape, orientation and location of the District of Columbia reveals a plan, crafted by America’s founding fathers, designed to recreate the spiritual essence of Egypt along the Potomac.

The founding fathers of the United States borrowed aspects of Nile Valley symbolism and philosophy and wove them into the heart and soul of their new nation. Their intention was to recreate the spiritual essence of Egyptian civilization in America and along the banks of the Potomac River.