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Beginnings: My First Trip to Africa

By July 11, 2016No Comments

On Friday, July 8th, 2016, I began my first journey to Africa with the “Ancient Egypt: Light of the World” 21st Annual Study Tour with Brother Tony Browder.

I have been studying African history and culture since 1992, and have been fascinated by the wonders of Ancient Kemet (Egypt), so my experience leading up the leaving seemed like an inevitability, come to fruition.

1992 was also the same year that I read Bro. Browder’s “From the Browder File” and “Exploding the Myths: Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization,” so it was almost like all my years studying African history were coming full circle. Because they were.

While I was excited, I was much calmer than I imagined I may have been years ago.

I guess I could say that, on some level, my feelings reflected that of someone who was returning home after being gong for several decades.

The bus ride to New York and flight to Egypt seemed to fly by.

We settled into our hotel on the first day. Spotty wi-fi complicated communications with our loved ones — hence, this first post, three days later — but all in all, the members of the tour, who came from all around the United States, were able to bond around food, laughs and stories about our life’s experiences.

And we will all be bonded by our shared experience, here in Egypt.