We at IKG trust that you and your family are keeping safe and sane as we negotiate life in an everchanging coronavirus environment. This letter regards mail delays that have been caused by the ongoing pandemic.

We process our orders in a timely manner as promised, however due to challenges within the United States Postal Service (USPS) such as nationwide employee shortages, an influx of holiday packages that are still being delivered, UPS, FedEx and Amazon transferring deliveries to USPS (so they could assist in transporting the COVID vaccine), supply chain interruptions, a strain on resources, and more, mailings from IKG have been experiencing delays of varying lengths.

Some two-day priority packages are taking two weeks or more to be delivered. Once packages are shipped you will be emailed a tracking number from Stamps.com. Unfortunately, some tracking numbers provide no updates or show that packages have not left the Post Office, when in fact they have.

We have called our Post Office Customer Service representatives and they have confided in us that their hands are tied and there is little they can do to remedy the problem because of longterm problems within the Post Office and efforts by some to dismantle and privatize the service.

Plus, the USPS has had more than 15,000 employees missing work weekly due to COVID related illnesses.

This is the situation we currently find ourselves in, due to no problem of our own or yours.

Unfortunately, it is a situation that we have to deal with for the time being.

We ask for your patience as we deal with these unavoidable hindrances. This is not a reflection of how we do business and we apologize for any inconvenience that these delays have caused you.


Atlantis Browder