April Webinars – Why Nile Valley Civilization Matters


Why Nile Valley Civilization Matters – webinar

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Parts 1 & 2


There has never been a greater need for people to become aware of the differences between Kemet and Egypt than today. There is also a tremendous need to understand why Egypt has captured the world’s imagination for more than 2,000 years, and why some believe that Egypt is not in Africa and that Africans had little to do with the development of an ancient African civilization.

Anthony Browder draws on more than 4 decades of study and travel to Egypt to address these issues and is offering two webinars which will discuss “Why Nile Valley Civilization Matters” and explore the processes which will lead to a “Rebirth of African Consciousness.”

This series is designed for anyone interested in deepening their knowledge of Nile Valley Civilization and expanding their capacity to distinguish myth from fantasy and truth from misinformation. 

These Webinars are designed for students, adults, elders and anyone interested in gaining historical knowledge prior to traveling to Egypt for a study tour or recreational purposes.