Wisdom Wednesday

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Wednesday February 15, 2023 7pm via Zoom.

Presenter: Dr. Niyana K. B. Rasayon

AI The Cyber-Theft of Cultural Identity & Human Value

This presentation will examine the biases of software designers who receive the most resources to develop programming designed to exploit, marginalize, and engage neuromarketing strategies to undermine human thinking. We will examine the use of algorithms that insidiously replace one’s entry-objective along paths that redirects focus and alters brain chemistry.  Special attention will be given to AI algorithms that are employed as digital ‘traffic cops’ to realign your initial quest by discreetly eroding cultural identity/endorsement, and sense of self-worth. Explanations will be shared to illustrate how softly to moderately distracting cyber-highways are particularly difficult to avoid or escape. In addition, how your attention is being stolen and captured in  spiral mazes filled with visual and audio vignettes that mimic places/sites where you have spent time. The rationale for their design, Danger and acceptance will be addressed.
About the Speaker:
Dr. Niyana Rasayon (BabaKoko) is a behavioral neuroscientist and professor. He received his Master’s degree at Fisk University & Meharry Medical College joint program in Clinical Psychology.   He earned a Doctoral degree in Psychobiology Neuropsychology at Howard University.  His current research interests are chronic concussion syndromes, neuroplasticity, micro-nutrients in mental health conditions, ‘brain-fog’ post COVID-SARS-Virus, as well as a secondary tier of interests, which include undiagnosed PTSD (akin to ‘learned Helplessness’), Racism, Domestic terrorism, and the influence of ancient history on perceptions of “death”.  He has authored two books that build on social neuroscience, “Reality Check: A Manual for the Hue-man Octahedron & The Mystery of Melanin, and The Awakening: OMG The President is Black”.  Niyana will be completing his 3rd book on ‘Ancient Perspectives on Crossing-Over’ during the Summer of 2023. In addition, he is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Mental Health and Social Behavior, and a *Board-Certified Fellow & Diplomate in African Centered-Black Psychology. His collective work experiences focus on clinical interventions and how to navigate the System of White Supremacy.
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Wednesday January 18, 2023 7pm via Zoom.

Speaker: Sam P.K. Collins (Ras Plo Kwia Glebluwuo)

Title: Grassroots Journalism as a Vehicle for Pan-African Self-Determination
In the United States, the media has often been defined as the “fourth estate,” designed as a tool to hold the three branches of government accountable. For Afrikan people however, most media outlets don’t produce news reflective of  their identity as people living in a nation within a nation that’s connected to the Afrikan diaspora.
This presentation features Sam P.K. Collins, a grassroots journalist-educator with more than a decade of experience telling stories from a grassroots, African-centered lens. Those who listen and partake in this reasoning session will get an understanding of the current media landscape, as articulated in the book “Babylon Be Still.”‘ They will also receive Bro. Sam’s prescription for producing and identifying accurate, high-quality news stories.
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